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Spray paint space art : Deep space colours


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Deep space colours is a premium spray paint space art by Mr. Joel Chavez.

Made with many layers of beautiful, inspiring and mood uplifting colours, this is one of the best examples of spray paint space art. This artwork can be best described by seeing with your own eyes as some beauty is best seen than heard about.

To find the thoughts and inspiration behind this spray paint space artwork by Mr. Chavez, please read below.

This work is best suited for :

  • Patrons of spay paint space art
  • Admirers of art with many colours which helps uplift the mood
  • Cosmologists who admires artistic representations of the cosmos
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Deep space colours : Artist’s inspiration behind

Deep space colours is a premium spray paint space artwork with many elements of the cosmos in spectacular colours which uplifts the mood of the viewer.

The night sky is outstanding and features a comet streaking in the sky.

The landscape is lit with glowing auroras of many colours. The grand arch hides an astral city made by intelligent life in this exoplanet. Tree like structures can also be found and for the ones with a sharp eye, you can find birds in this exoplanet.

People familiar with my style knows why I place the know in the unknown – in order to help connect the viewer with something totally unknown

The beauty of this work is grasped when seen in totality. The contrast between the colourful landscapes and the deep dark star filled night sky is what brings out the beauty in this work.

A waterfall adds to the scene with colourful elements making up the river in this alien land.

Often, it is very hard for us to imagine what deep space holds or what can be deep space colours ? Hence, I decided to create this work to shed some light into how another world might look like. Deep space colours can be varied depending on what elements are found in the atmosphere or the composition of the landscape itself.

The motivation behind my work will be satisfied if you would pause and take some time to comprehend how vast is our universe and how much our lives are insignificant compared to the bigger mysteries which deserves our conscious attention which are mere nano seconds in the cosmic scale.

If you love this work and admire spray paint space art, then you will certainly want to check out my next work : Deep blue space sky.

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