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Spray paint space art : Deep blue space sky


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Deep blue space sky is a premium spray paint space art by Mr. Joel Chavez.

Portraying deep blue space sky in an exoplanet, this work is truly wonderful when seen framed. Blue is a colour evoking feelings of peace and calm. Hence, if the colour appeals to you, then feel free to order this work for your room where such vibes are needed.

The landscape is filled with details and has an eerie resemblance to fossils. To know more about the thoughts and inspiration behind this work, please feel free to read below the product description in details.

The texture of the giant exoplanet is quite detailed adding to the appeal of this space based spray paint art.

This work is best suited for :

  • Patrons of spray paint space art
  • People who value art with a rich landscape
  • Interior decoration where elements of space and calm are needed.
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Deep blue space sky : Artist’s inspiration behind

Deep blue space sky is a premium spray paint space art. Set in a blue world supporting life in the distant corners of the universe, the night sky is lit bright by the gigantic blue planet surrounded by two smaller planets in orbit around the giant?

Star systems are numerous across the universe and each one has developed differently with many different combinations of orbits. Stars which are gigantic supports a much larger solar system than ours.

The surface of this spectacular exoplanet is designed by intelligent life. The horizon of this surface leads us to the foot of giant fossilised natural landscape resembling the vertebrae of some ancient life form which seems to support earthly evolutionary shapes? A mysterious mild blue glow emanates from the vertebra like columns.

The surface is shiny and reflects the deep blue space sky with its million stars. The mountainous landscape rises high into the sky to form the perfect foreground for the giant blue planet in the sky.

The deep blue space sky is not only blue. It has a white glow which encompasses the gigantic planets and even enters into the atmosphere of this alien world. Tree like life forms seem to thrive in this alien world. This is in line with my habit of putting the known in the unknown to help connect your mind to the scene is a smoother way.

As always, the motivation behind all my spray paint space art is to help everyone open up their minds to the immense vastness of the universe and use that understanding to broaden one’s mind which will bring the world much needed peace and equality.

Additionally, this work uses beautiful shades of blue which is associated with evoking calmness. If this shade attracts you, then please feel free to use my work in the room which needs these vibrations of peace and calmness to help you contemplate deeper things. 

If you love this work, you will surely appreciate my next work Space views.

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