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Spray paint space art: Astral planet


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Astral planet is a premium spray paint space art by Mr. Joel Chavez. The sheer size of the landscape and the giant red planet is what catches the eye immediately. This is a high quality work.

As always, the works of Mr. Chavez is a mix between space visualization and a deeper message for humanity. Such messages from artists are very important for the evolution of society as we are often caught up in our ‘daily grind’ as we say and our minds deserve a break to admire the beauty of the astral worlds and beyond.

To find out about the inspiration behind this work, please read the artist’s perspective below.

This work is best suited for :

  •  People who are attracted by this shade of red
  • People who love cosmology and astral planets and landscapes
  • Spray paint space art patrons
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Astral planet: Artist’s inspiration behind

Astral planet is a premium spray paint space art with a lot of rich features.

The 3 smaller planets shy in presence of the giant which shadows the sky of this astral planet. The details of this red giant are plenty.  The mountain which rises majestically makes the astral cities look tiny in comparison.

The modern landscape which is clearly built by intelligent life leads us straight to an alien structure which resembles somewhat of an earthly tree. On the upper cliff there is a mist of some sort from which arises a mountain of such enormity that is captures the viewers attention immediately in this spray paint artwork.

Known astral planets are in thousands strewn across the universe. Humanity has come since a long way from believing that our galaxy was the universe to finding exo-planets by the thousands. Modern development in astronomy means that we can find more information about the unknown at a faster and more accurate rate.

To put it best, not finding life on one of these astral planets is highly improbable. The real question would be, can humanity forget its difference and unite as once race in the event that we meet interplanetary political systems? Humans cannot unite between 200 or more countries globally. Maybe we all need one encounter with a civilization from an astral planet to learn how to be human first and everything else later.

If my work can provoke a little of such thoughts, my purpose will be fulfilled.

If you love this work, but want to find how an alien moon might look, please feel free to check out my next work: Alien moon.

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