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Spray paint art : Alien planet landscapes


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Alien planet landscapes is a premium artwork by master spray paint art artist Mr. Joel Chavez. In this exo-planet, we can see a misty landscape with mountains and waterfalls (or waterfall like). In the calm and peaceful scene we can look up and see a big, detailed in texture, planet of that star system in addition to the mars like red planet.

Space and cosmos are recurrent themes in the works of Mr. Joel Chavez, whose objective is to connect the busy viewer on earth with the vastness of space and the cosmos which makes his life on earth look narrow and constrained in comparison. This provokes an openness of mind which is highly important for human development.

This art is best suited for:

  • People who loves predominantly black and white with sparse use of colour.
  • People who loves astronomy and astrophysics and hence connects to this work by their work.
  • People who admires artwork related to the cosmos and space
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Alien planet landscapes: Artist’s inspiration behind

Alien planets are hard to detect. Due to technological constraints it is impossible to send space probes to photograph them as they lie thousands of light years away (meaning if you travel at the speed of light, you will need more than a few thousand years. As a matter of fact, nothing known in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light). Yet, we have advanced technologies such as  spectrometry which allows us to deduce the planet’s composition and a host of other data.

However, only an artist can bring them visually to life and often the giants like NASA use the same to communicate their findings with the public.

In this artwork, I have tried my best to represent how alien planet landscapes might look if you were in one of the many life supporting exo-planets. I have put known elements seen on earth such as trees and other life forms to connect the viewer to the unknown using the known.

The beauty of this world lies in the two other outstanding planets as seen in the alien skies. The alien planet’s landscapes are rigged with mountainous terrain and a misty of unknown origins. On the edge, we encounter a waterfall but can we really say water?

If you love this work but would love something more in colour, then please feel free to checkout my next work : Alien planets green world .

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