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Spray paint art : Alien city universe


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‘Alien city universe’ is a premium spray paint art by Mr. Joel Chavez.

A world where you can look up and see two gigantic planets which gives the sky two distinct hues. Standing and observing this enormous city is awe inspiring to say the least. Filled with elements to connect you to the familiar, this work is for the ones who loves colourful and mood uplifting visualizations of the cosmos.

Please read below to find out the artist’s thoughts and inspiration behind this work.

This work is best suited for:

  • People who wonder how an alien city will look like in another world
  • Patrons of colourful spray paint art
  • Cosmology students who study exo-planets
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Alien city universe: Artist’s inspiration behind

‘Alien city universe’ is a premium spray paint art depicting a gigantic alien city somewhere in the universe along with 2 beautiful alien planets one of which has resemblance to earth?

The first thing you notice is the great city seemingly rising out of the landscape itself. This is to symbolize the eco-friendly designs which every intelligent life adheres to eventually as a mark of respect towards the planets that provide life the habitable zone required to thrive. The city walls have an earth like element which I will leave to your eyes to detect. It is in line with my style of placing know earth like objects in my work to connect the unknown with the known.

I sincerely hope that the world will learn to build more sustainable cities as we cannot find another planet to call home.

The landscape is very colourful and rich. The highlight of this work are the two giant planets which have differently coloured auras around them giving the sky two different hues.

The alien city universe is among my handful of works recently which depicts exo-planets, life on them, their cities and their landscapes. If you love this work but prefer a single planet with lilac hues, then feel free to check out my next work : Alien city.

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