Art Prints


Buy art prints of museum quality. Find original works by international artists. Each art print is custom designed by our in-house professional design team to ensure that they have the best style and design that your wall deserves.

Art prints usually have a high DPI (dots per inch) which means they are much more better quality controlled for their respective print size. Art prints can also be limited edition and numbered which is among the main difference from art posters.

Each artist can sell prints in unlimited quantities or even sign each print to mark it as a true copy. This is totally optional but when done usually commands a premium price.

If you want signed prints from artists, you can always contact us and we can easily arrange for this.  Buying our prints also ensure that you participate in funding R&D into poverty management which is the sole objective behind creating this brand.

We are proudly social and we ensure that each sales help us achieve this amazing technology based project that we hope to launch soon.