Spray Paint Art


Buy spray paint art from the best spray paint artists globally. Find the best works of highest quality and fairly priced from master spray paint artists.

Spray paint art can be used to depict complicated landscapes like nature to outstandingly vivid worlds which reminds one of space and our universe. However, literally anything can be painted using spray paint such as intricate roses or amazing hearts for your loved one or something closer to nature like sunsets, waterfalls, night skies…the list goes on.

Another favourite subject depicted are pyramids which comes out in exceptional quality if painted by experienced hands.

Spray paint art is a massively under appreciated branch of art due to many misconceptions. The fact that they are made fast often leads to the false assumption that it is easy. Nothing could be further from the truth that this. Spray paint dries very fast and hence there is an obligation from the artist to take extremely fast decisions regarding the form and shape they want to bring out. Therefore, for the perfect spray paint art, an artist is obliged to make it under 15 minutes for the best results.

These techniques can take decades to master in order to produce consistent spray paint art and we were lucky to have found Mr. Joel Chavez, one of the best spray painters from Hungary who now sells exclusively with WelcomeArtist his best masterpieces which he makes in his studio.

There are many other master spray paint artists who wants to sell with us in order to raise money to help fund our poverty management research and development efforts and a big thank you to all spray painters who joined us for the good cause.

Artists sell their work with WelcomeArtist to help raise funds to innovate in development of poverty management solutions powered by project Social Example.