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Registered Business name : WELCOMEARTIST

Company number : 698096

A socially responsible brand with a social mission as its founding inspiration

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K78 X5P8

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What is WelcomeArtist?What we do | Our uniqueness | Our value

We have 1 artist but the best Spray painter

We are Spray paint art lovers. Find works of Mr. Joel Chavez who sells with us exclusively. With 28 years of experience, find his videos in our soon to launch youtube channel and buy what you see being made in front of you

Help fund poverty management

WelcomeArtist was founded such that a part of our profits are used to hire developers to build technology based tools to help manage poverty. We take this very seriously and everything we do revolves around this objective

Invite only

We are hyper focused on Spray paint. If this pilot works, we might invite a handful of other expert Spray paint artist to make WelcomeArtist the world's best and only place to buy Spray paint art. We plan this after the COVID crisis ends

Payment System

We use Stripe connect technology. Payments are PCI complaint and happens on Stripe servers between artist and buyer directly. Stripe is among the world's largest payment gateways. You can connect your stripe account to our site in 1 click during setup.

Social Values

We wanted to enable willing artists to be able to contribute towards the good of society by using the profits we generate towards research and development of tools to help manage and eliminate poverty. Everyday we aspire to achieve this by making the website awesome

Who are with us ?

The founder is a developer and has two advanced degrees in business from one of the top business schools in the world. Armed with this, he pays an amazing group of lawyers, accountants, consultants and freelance developers to help him create and maintain this enterprise and align it to our social objectives.

At WelcomeArtist | You solve povertyWe are a social brand with a social objective at heart

Designed by the founder

The splash of colours Representing all artists, art patrons and the lively beating colourful hearts of all good people. Arising from this, are the 3 pillars of WelcomeArtist

The Artists : In royal purple the artist with a brush in one hand ,helps with his other hands, underprivileged people rise up.

The underprivileged : Red signifying their perilous hardships

Art Patrons like you : In hope radiating Orange hues, the art patrons like you with your open minds and who buys art at WelcomeArtist helps liberate the rising souls via your passion for art

We stand by our values and together, we shall help manage poverty

How your art helps poverty ?

Our artists pay a monthly fee to sell here. This is used to support the development of poverty management tools as well as cover our costs. Your art can now make the world a better place.

Only YOU can make a difference today by joining WelcomeArtist and helping your art make a bigger difference.

A truly social brand and dedicated to Spray paint art

Hidden among beautiful cities lies poverty

WelcomeArtist was built on a dream. A dream of a better world where poverty is managed and lives have better quality.

To do this,  funds are needed to hire a team who would work day and night to research and develop solutions for poverty management.

We fund this dream by investing from our profits in our technology partner Social Example responsible for building a suit of poverty management solutions to deploy around the globe.